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What is the total number of identified incidents of violations involving the rights of indigenous peoples during the reporting period?
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This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines. It covers one of the requirements of Indicator G4-HR8 - 'Total number of incidents of violations involving rights of indigenous peoples and actions taken'.

​The total number of recorded incidents involving the rights of indigenous peoples provides information about the implementation of an organization’s policies relating to indigenous peoples. This information will help indicate the state of relations with these stakeholder communities, particularly in regions where indigenous peoples reside or have interests near operations of the organization. The information also provides an additional entry point for support groups. ILO Conventions 107 'Indigenous and Tribal Populations Convention' (30) and 169 'Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention' (47) address the rights of indigenous peoples.


Identify incidents involving indigenous rights among the organization’s own employees, and in communities near existing operations that are likely to be affected by planned or proposed future operations of the organization.

Answer the metric question with the number of incidents reviewed or identified by the organization.

Additional information, such as the following, can be included in comments:

  • Remediation plans being implemented

  • Remediation plans have been implemented and results reviewed through routine internal management review processes

  • Incident no longer subject to action

Companies may use the new GRI Standard code GRI 411-1 to identify the reported value.