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This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards Guidelines (see details on indicators here).

It covers one of the requirements (part a.) of the indicator under Disclosure 205-3: Confirmed incidents of corruption and actionsThe full indicator covers the following:

a. Total number and nature of confirmed incidents of corruption. 

b. Total number of confirmed incidents in which employees were dismissed or disciplined for corruption. 

c. Total number of confirmed incidents when contracts with business partners were terminated or not renewed due to violations related to corruption. 

d. Public legal cases regarding corruption brought against the organization or its employees during the reporting period and the outcomes of such cases.


Guidance for Disclosure 205-3 

For stakeholders, there is an interest in both the occurrence of incidents and an organization’s response to the incidents. Public legal cases regarding corruption can include current public investigations, prosecutions, or closed cases. 


This metric asks what is Total number and nature of confirmed incidents of corruption covered under the GRI Standard Disclosure 205-3: Confirmed incidents of corruption and actions.

Search the report for the GRI Standard code 205-3 or look for mentions of corruption to find where or whether the information is included. If found, add the 'number of confirmed incidents of corruption' to the answer field according to the correct year, and include information on the 'nature of the confirmed incidents' in the comment field.

Companies may use an earlier GRI G4-SO-5 code to report this indicator.