Question: Of the total number grievances about human rights impacts filed, how many were resolved during the reporting period?
Global Reporting Initiative
Fluidra SA
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On page 71, it clarifies that there were 18 cases reported by employees in which human rights were violated; however, through the company's protocols and mechanisms all of them were identified, but as the report states, the data obtained is confidential."There were 18 reports in 2020 via this channel. Once analyzed and evaluated, they were not found to involve human rights abuses, corruption or discrimination. In all cases, the internal analysis and evaluation protocols were applied and resolved in a timely manner. For data protection reasons, this report does not provide details of the geographical areas from which the reports were received, nor does it provide additional information on the object of the queries or complaints"

Miguel Gortari Orbaiz.....2021-10-27 17:19:21 UTC