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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sector Supplement - Event Organizers. It covers the reporting requirements of Indicator G4-EO9 - 'Type, amount and impact of benefits, financial and in kind, received by the event organizer from suppliers'. 

In the event industry, the event organizer may receive financial commissions, in kind products and services and other benefit from the supply chain. Transparent reporting in this area is relevant for stakeholders to understand how sourcing decisions could be influenced.

Financial and in kind benefits can be part of regular business practice, but significant benefits or patterns of the provision of benefits can signal an excessive level of supplier influence.


ŸŸIndicate whether the organization reports on the on the type of benefits, financial and in kind, received by the event organizer from suppliers by choosing Yes or No.

A benefit in these Sector Disclosures, refers to a gain that improves or promotes wellbeing or provides an advantage. In this Indicator, may include for example a gratuity, gift, commission or sole supplier deal.

If provided, in the comments section include details about:

  • The type and financial value of each type of financial and in kind benefit received. Benefits should include commissions, gifts and value in kind.
  • The type of suppliers providing benefits and the percentage of suppliers with whom there is a benefit relationship in place.
  • The percentage of the organization’s workforce (paid employees, volunteers, contracted labor and, where relevant, participants who are content providers including athletes, artists or speakers) receiving benefits.

For WikiRate Researchers: 

  • Please see this page for guidelines on how to research values for GRI-based metrics.