2017 | The Tata Power Company Limited | Environmental Fines, GRI 307-1 (formerly G4-EN29-a)
What is the total monetary value (in USD) of significant fines for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations incurred by the organization?
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Sustainability Report 2015-16, pg 21


"Tata Power adheres to the TCoC which is a comprehensive document with an ethical road map for Tata employees, companies, including third parties. TCoC consisting of 25 clauses, includes codes to be followed in financial disclosures, addressing national interests, political nonalignment, health, safety and environment, corporate citizenship, ethical conduct, anti-corruption . The Code is a dynamic document that reinforces the Tata canon of honourable behaviour in business. TCoC also forms a part of all the investment and contract agreements. Tata Power also has a Human Rights Policy which is applicable to the entire organisation and its operations. During the reporting period there were no instances of noncompliance and demonstration of any anti-competitive behaviour, anti-trust and monopoly practices in the Company and no fines incurred from any regulatory body."

Nitish Kumar Parihar.....2019-01-03 09:30:41 UTC

Tata Power has not released a sustainability report for the year 2017. For more details, see the page https://www.tatapower.com/sustainability/communication.aspx

Aileen Robinson.....2019-01-21 14:28:08 UTC