Global Reporting Initiative+Communication and information (G4-EO8-d)

Communication and information (G4-EO8-d)

Does the organization report communication and information and labeling strategies to ensure participants and attendees are aware of food and beverage options?

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This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sector Supplement - Event Organizers. It covers one of the reporting requirements of Indicator EO8 - 'Percentage of and access to food and beverage that meets the organizer's policies or local, national or international standards'.

Food and beverage is a critical aspect of the attendee and participant experience of an event. Through the provision of food and beverage, event organizers have an opportunity to clearly demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Report on environmental impacts of food and beverage packaging, consumables and tableware under Indicators G4-EN23 and G4-EN28.

Report on attendee and participant satisfaction with provision of food and beverage under Indicator G4-PR5.

Report on sourcing of food and beverage (as opposed to attendee and participant experience) under the Sourcing category.


Indicate whether the organization reports communication and information and labeling strategies to ensure participants and attendees are aware of food and beverage options by choosing Yes or No

If provided, in the comments section include details about the communication and information and labeling strategies that ensure participants and attendees are aware of food and beverage options as identified in EO8-a.

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