Question: Does the company specify targets on gender equality and women’s empowerment in operations (for example 50% of women in leadership positions by 2025)?
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"The percentage of women on the Board of Directors after the Ordinary General Share-holders' Meeting in May 2020, was 40%, above the target of 30% set by the Appointments Committee in 2019 to achieve in 2020. "


p. 76 As a result, the CaixaBank Board can be said to be within the upper band of Ibex 35 companies in terms of the presence of women,

according to the public information available on the composition of Boards of Directors of Ibex 35 companies at year-end 2021 (the average of which is 32.65%)"

Lucia Ixtacuy.....2022-11-14 16:39:04 UTC