Question: What are the company’s vendor/supplier policies covering human rights and environmental standards across the supply chain?
Annual Leave & Public Holidays,
Anti-bribery Corruption & Presentation of False Information,
Biodiversity & Conservation,
Child Labour,
Community Engagement,
Contracts & Terms of Employment,
Energy & Carbon Emissions,
Equal Pay,
Forced & Bonded Labour,
Foreign & Migrant Labour,
Freedom of Association Right to Organise & Collective Bargaining,
Harassment & Violence,
Health & Safety,
Living Conditions/Dormitories,
Maternity Rights & Parental Leave,
Notice Period Dismissal & Disciplinary Action,
Overtime Pay,
Sub-contracting Outsourcing & Homeworkers,
Wages & Financial Benefits (e.g. bonuses/insurance/social security/pensions),
Waste & Recycling (Packaging/Office/Facility),
Water Effluents & Treatment,
Water Usage & Footprint,
Working Hours & Rest Breaks
Fashion Revolution
Supply Chain Policies
Zalando SE
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