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What score did the company achieve for 2.2 Board Accountability for Human Rights & Environmental Issues in the Fashion Transparency Index 2021?
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When a brand discloses the board member responsible for overseeing social and environmental performance within the company, and how that works in practice, it provides an indication of the significance placed on addressing these issues within the company.

A note on the scoring system

WikiRate has a standardised 10-point scoring system making it possible to compare company scores across different benchmarks. On, the Fashion Transparency Index scoring system, where each company can get a maximum of 250 points, has been converted to the 10-point scoring system - with 10 being the highest a company can score and 0 being the lowest. These company scores can also be translated to percentages e.g. if a company has scored 2.5 out of 10 on WikiRate, they have achieved 25% of the 250 points in the Fashion Transparency Index.