2022 | The North Face Inc. | 3.2 Processing Facilities Disclosure
What information does the company publish about its processing facilities? (e.g. ginning and spinning, knitting, weaving, sub-contractors, dyeing and wet processing, tanneries, embroidering, printing, fabric finishing, dye-houses, laundries, etc.)
Type of products or services,
Name of Facility,
Name of Parent Company (for each facility if applicable),
Approximate number of workers at each site,
Sex-disaggregated breakdown of workers,
Discloses aggregate business volume and percentage of suppliers (assessed from 2022),
Certifications the facility has (if any) (2021 only),
List is publicly available as a csv or Excel spreadsheet,
Publishes that this list or map of processing facilities has been updated within the past 6 months
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