Flextronics International

“Flex uses the Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaire responses as well as other factors to assess risk within the supply base. Based on this risk assessment, internal Flex auditors perform audits covering CSER topics, including Slavery and Human Trafficking. Specifically, as part of focused efforts to combat Slavery and Human Trafficking in Southeast Asia, we contracted with third party audit firms to audit labor providers in the region. As a result of these audit findings, Flex has committed to changing our approach on how we do business to reduce the risk for issues involving forced labor to arise at our factories. We have also identified suppliers in the region that are potentially dealing with these same labor supply chain issues in an effort to understand the situation with those suppliers so that we can take appropriate action. See page 52 of the Flex Global Citizenship Report. Flex conducts on average170 on-site supplier audits annually primarily in China and Southeast Asia.”