Detox Catwalk 2015
Detox Catwalk 2015

The Detox Catwalk assess which companies are leading a transparency revolution across their supply chains, which have gone above and beyond to eliminate hazardous chemicals from their clothes and which companies are trying to get away with doing the bare minimum.

Detox Leaders - Detox committed companies leading the industry towards a toxic-free future with credible timelines, concrete actions and on-the-ground implementation.

Greenwashers – Detox committed companies that are so far failing to walk the talk and take individual corporate responsibility for their hazardous chemical pollution

Detox Losers – Uncommitted toxic addicts that refuse to take responsibility for their toxic trail and have yet to make a credible, individual Detox commitment.

The Detox Catwalk only focuses on the fashion apparel brands that have committed to Detox. Greenpeace will continue assessing all the Detox committed companies, including those in other sectors, in the future.