Data Quality

WikiRate's approach to data quality is to put information in the public domain and provide a space where we can discuss it and establish its merits. Is the answer to a certain question about a companies' behaviour worth knowing? Is information from a certain source trustworthy? WikiRate is a place where we figure out the answers to these questions together and share them with the world.

To make this work, we need people who know about a subject, or who are willing to do some research to find out about it - to contribute their knowledge on WikiRate. This is as much about figuring out which information is worth knowing as it is about collecting it in the first place.

There are three ways you can contribute to this effort.

  • ImproveWikiRate is based on Wiki principles – when signed into your account you can edit almost anything on the site (click the edit button to see what you can change) and see edit histories for all content. If you see something that's inaccurate, unclear, or mis-spelled - feel free to edit and improve it! When editing content created by other people, we ask that you respect the intentions of the person who created it.

  • Critique: Putting some thought and effort into figuring out whether a piece of information is worth knowing or how it should be interpreted, then making a comment about your observations – is of tremendous value to WikiRate. Metrics in particular would benefit from this kind of critical appraisal. You can think of these comments as explaining the content’s strengths/weaknesses so that other people can have this insight without everyone having to do their own research – WikiRate is all about building this kind of shared knowledge-base.

  • VoteWe use the voting system attached to Source, Notes, Metrics and Topics to decide how visibly these should appear on the site. When you have a well-formed opinion on the importance of a Metric, Note or Source – please vote to indicate this, so that we can promote the best content ahead of content that’s of little value. Unlike many other sites, voting on WikiRate is a matter of public record – if an account looks suspicious (e.g. corporate shill) you can check if they've been stuffing ballot boxes.