Does the company specify the regional origin of the mineral materials they source?   
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An important element of responsible sourcing is to put in place chain of custody systems to trace gold and diamonds to their mines of origin, and systematically record this information, resulting in traceability of material.

Traceability and chain of custody information are not guarantees that international human rights and environmental standards are respected in the mines of origin but are useful tools for jewelers who seek to assess and monitor human rights risks at the mine level.

Source: Human Rights Watch. 2018."The Hidden Cost of Jewelry Human Rights in Supply Chains and the Responsibility of Jewelry Companies, p.41".



Go through the The Hidden Cost of Jewelry Report to find out whether the company you are researching publishes information on the regional origin of the mineral materials they source.

If the company is not part of the Report, browse the Corporate Social Responsibility section of the company's Website and see if you can find information on the geographical origin of sourced gold & diamonds.

Usually, you will find this information on documents titled "Conflict Minerals” or "Responsible Sourcing" or "Sustainability Report".

  • Enter Yes if the list is provided.
  • Enter No if it is not reported.