Does the company publish a public list of its suppliers names and addresses?
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Yes, Tier 1 only
Yes, Tier 1 & 2
Yes, all suppliers
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Supplier List
Supply Chain Policy document
Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Certain companies publicly disclose a list of their suppliers. This list may also give additional information such as the supplier's address, country, product category, number of workers and tier of the supply chain.

Publishing a supplier list increases a company's transparency and provides a channel through which the company can be alerted of any issues in their supply chain e.g. worker's rights violations, environmental non-compliance, or corruption.


This metric is asking whether or not the company you are researching publishes a list of its suppliers. 

The quickest way to find this information is to search online for the name of the company and 'supplier list'. The company may publish this list in a PDF file or directly on its website. 

The Open Apparel Registry is an open-source tool that maps garment facilities worldwide. If your company is part of the apparel industry, you can search for whether or not they disclose their suppliers on

The answer to this metric question may thus be : 

  • Yes, Tier 1 only. The company publishes a list of suppliers, and it specifies that the list covers its Tier 1 suppliers. Consider Tier 1 if the list does not specify the Tier. 
  • Yes, Tier 1 & 2. The company publishes a list of suppliers, and it explicitly states that the list published covers its Tier 1 & Tier 2 suppliers. 
  • Yes, all suppliers. The company explicitly states that the list covers all of its suppliers
  • No. No information on the company's suppliers was found.
  • Unknown answers should not be selected as an option


Pay attention to the publication date of the list. Use the year of the publication date as the year for your value on WikiRate. If there is no date, enter the current year.