Company has been partially deleted+Discussion

The "China Rare Metal Material Co Ltd" is, as you suspected, in the trash. And, as you implied, we don't have much interface for exploring that.


The sense in which it is "partially" deleted is that it was not removed from lookup tables. There are still 4 answers and 69 relationships in the lookup tables.


It looks like Lucía deleted this company on June 18th. There is no indication in the database of the purity of her motives. :)


I have deleted the lookup entries. There are two things left to do:

1. we should seed if we can reproduce this problem (in which deleting a company leaves lookup entries) using the latest code. If so, fixing this should be a priority.

2. If you think this company is supposed to be restored, you and Lucía should confer and confirm quickly. It's probably still possible for me to get the answers out of the trash, but I will probably want to empty the trash as part of the coming updates, so our window is not super wide.

Ethan McCutchen.....2020-08-15 15:26:19 UTC

Checking with Lucia. Don't empty trash yet please:) We can get back to you on it today

theresah.....2020-08-17 11:14:29 UTC

Conferred with Lucia - the deletion was an accident. Can you please restore? Let me know if you're able to do that today and I will make sure the updated data gets included in the new relationship analysis that's being done on Staging

theresah.....2020-08-17 11:55:59 UTC

Plan is now to re-import. Do we need to leave this open until that's done?

Ethan McCutchen.....2020-08-18 15:33:35 UTC

Feel free to close this if the re-import goes well.

Ethan McCutchen.....2020-08-21 14:47:18 UTC

Nothing seems to be happening with the import - though it says 'importing'. Submitted about 20 mins ago

theresah.....2020-08-21 15:43:25 UTC

The delayed jobs server was down. I just kicked it. Still need better monitoring...

Ethan McCutchen.....2020-08-24 19:25:45 UTC

Seems to have succeeded?

Ethan McCutchen.....2020-08-24 19:33:38 UTC

The Counts are off on the import and many of the Relationship companies aren't showing (for ex - is Tin supplier of, all years; and is Gold supplier of 2014). Should I make a separate ticket for this or move this back into "in Progress"?

theresah.....2020-09-16 08:10:44 UTC

No, I'm on it. (This is the problem that inspired my recent deep dive)

Ethan McCutchen.....2020-09-16 19:19:35 UTC

The code intended to keep relationship counts from getting wrong has been deployed. I'm now going back and having all the relationship answers recount themselves (should be done by the time you see this).


As for any answers that aren't showing up; they probably need to be re-imported. But I think they should work once you do that!

Ethan McCutchen.....2020-09-18 21:14:07 UTC