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AGL Energy
Climate Action Research
Has the organization made a commitment to use 100% renewable electricity and, if yes, by what year have they committed to achieve this?
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updated 12 months ago by Singh Anjali

"AGL has committed to get out of coal fired generation, starting in 2022 and ending by 2050"

Ashleigh Zhu.....2020-05-26 10:45:00 UTC

The company reports commitment towards decarbonization however not explicitly report 100% renewable electricity commitment.

"In 2015, AGL committed via its Greenhouse Gas Policy not to extend the life of its coal-fired power plants. Now, as we work towards the full closure of these plants at the end of their operational life and the Australian economy transitions toward full decarbonization by 2050, we are expanding our commitments in pursuit of the 2050 net emissions zero targets.

Continue investing in new sources of electricity supply. Both through direct investment and offtake agreements, we will use our balance sheet to support the development of the new renewable energy sources and flexible generation capacity the market needs to support greater penetration of intermittent renewable energy."

Singh Anjali.....2021-08-17 06:55:28 UTC