Call for Engagement

Let’s make companies better, together 

What is WikiRate?

WikiRate is a global crowdsourcing website designed to foster collective awareness on corporate social responsibility and drive social change. Our vision is to spur corporations to be transparent and responsive by making data about their social and environmental impacts useful and available to all.

Call for Engagement

We are reaching out to engage with Institutional and Academic Partners to establish pilot courses that incorporate WikiRate into classrooms to educate students about companies. The nature of WikiRate allows for any number of metrics to be added to the platform for data collection, tailoring your students’ research to your course. In addition, as an expanding Wiki, pilot partners and students will have the opportunity to develop the tools WikiRate offers on ESG research. Incorporating WikiRate into the curriculum means you can:

  • Teach students about Corporate Social Responsibility and systems thinking on a global scale

  • Create new datasets to compare companies within and across industry sectors

  • Provide students with practical, applied research tools, that develop first-hand knowledge of the nature of sustainability reporting in the private sector, and bridge theoretical curriculum

  • Develop interdisciplinary learning opportunities through researching complex issues that cover a range of disciplines

  • Engage your institution and students in a global dialogue on corporate sustainability reporting, as well as focus in on issues of local relevance

  • Contribute to a global, public resourcewhere the data students collect is available to other researchers for review and analysis

Inspiration from Established Pilots

Pilot courses are being established around the globe. Gordon Institute of Business South Africa (GIBS), the largest business school in Africa, championed the first WikiRate pilot engagement, involving over 50 students in researching and checking companies’ ESG data via metrics based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. GIBS will continue their engagement with the next cohort of 300 students in the winter term.

The University of Oregon is about to embark on the first phase of an ambitious project to use WikiRate as a learning tool to assess companies ESG performance, first researching the events and sports industries reporting via Global Reporting Initiative indicators and then examining the outdoor apparel industry in a life-cycle analysis module using the Higg Index.

There is much potential, we are eager to hear your ideas and discuss new pilots we can set up across the world. See our Education page on WikiRate, and send us an inquiry to find out more information on partnering with WikiRate and integrating ESG research into your courses:

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