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Conflict Minerals Report

Identify if the company has published a list of the smelters/refiners they have identified in their supply chain. It sometimes appears in an annex near the end of the document (in a table like the one below).


Then input the relevant value from the list below:

  • Yes - where the company publishes a list that includes all of their smelters/refiners.

  • Some - where the company reports a partial list.

  • No - where the company does not include a list of smelters/refiners in their report.

    If the company includes a list of smelters/refiners, please copy and paste this into a comment on your answer. We can run text analysis on these comments to build a profile of the relationships between companies and smelters/refiners. Don’t worry about the formatting of your comment, it is for machines rather than humans to read, and as long as it contains the names of smelters/refiners it will be fine.