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The Access to Nutrition Index (ATNI) is founded on the premise that Food & Beverage manufacturers can make a strong contribution to addressing poor nutrition and related diseases. The ATNI assesses and ranks the world’s largest manufacturers based on their nutrition-related commitments, practices and performance globally.


This metric assesses the extent to which companies support such efforts through three criteria:

E1 Supporting staff healthy and wellness

E2 Supporting breastfeeding mothers in the workplace

E3 Supporting consumer-oriented healthy diet and active lifestyle programs


To perform well in this Category, companies should:

  • Offer comprehensive nutrition and healthy lifestyle programs within their overall staff health and wellness programs, for all employees and their families globally.
  • Set and achieve (or exceed) targets for participation in these programs.
  • Commission independent evaluations of the health and/or business impacts of these programs, and publish these evaluations.
  • Offer supportive maternity leave policies, flexible working arrangements and appropriate workplace facilities for breastfeeding mothers when they return to work.
  • Commit to support integrated, comprehensive consumer-oriented healthy diet and active lifestyle programs and campaigns in all major markets, developed and implemented by independent organizations with relevant expertise.
  • Commit to not use brand-level sponsorship in association with these programs.
  • Commission and publish independent evaluations to assess the health impacts that these programs deliver.
  • Support third-party social marketing campaigns aimed at educating undernourished consumers (or those at risk of undernutrition) on a range of nutrition issues, including breastfeeding, the appropriate introduction of complementary foods, and the benefits of micronutrient supplementation, eating fortified products and a diverse diet.