Walk Free Foundation+MSA incidents identified

MSA incidents identified

Did the company identify any specific incidents related to modern slavery that require(d) remediation?

Companies Values

Rolls-Royce Holdings

2017 = No /Yes,No

SG Fleet Group

2016 = No /Yes,No

PCI Pharma Services

2016 = No /Yes,No

Sime Darby

2016 = No /Yes,No

Nutreco International

2015 = No /Yes,No

SGW Global

2016 = No /Yes,No


2016 = No /Yes,No


NA = No /Yes,No

Syndicate Bank

2016 = No /Yes,No

Swarovski AG

2017 = No /Yes,No

Zalando SE

2016 = No /Yes,No

Infosys Limited

2016 = No /Yes,No


2016 = No /Yes,No

RCMA Group

2017 = No /Yes,No

Rio Tinto

2016 = Yes /Yes,No

Mitsubishi Corporation

2015 = No /Yes,No

Flextronics International

2016 = No /Yes,No

Tata Steel Europe

2016 = No /Yes,No

Vodafone Group Plc

2016 = No /Yes,No

Oxford University Press

2016 = No /Yes,No
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Research Policy
Community Assessed
Report Type
Modern Slavery Statement
Value Type

Yes and No


Given the size of the problem and the complex and far-reaching nature of the supply chains for large companies, it is perhaps not surprising that incidents of modern slavery in supply chains can be relatively common. Companies should present an accurate picture rather than seeking to cover up problems. Revealing these incidents in their statements shows business partners and consumers that companies are taking the issue seriously, and have effective risk assessment strategies in place.

For further information on this metric please refer to the Home Office Guidance, pp. 32-36, and CORE Guidance, pp. 22.


Has the company identified at least one incident of modern slavery?

‘Incident’ is defined as a case study, or description of any case of modern slavery involving an individual or group of individuals. In this respect, synonyms for ‘incidents of modern slavery’ can be references to identified ‘issues’ or ‘problems’ with ‘worker management’, ‘living conditions’, or ‘workplace practices’. Other synonyms can be ‘illegal’ or ‘unethical’ practices.

Please note the incident must refer to a specific example, not a general description of risk, which is covered by MSA Identifications of risks.

If the company identified at least one incident relevant to the Modern Slavery Act, give them a value of “Yes” and please copy and paste relevant details from the statement as a comment on your value.

If the company did not identify any incidents, or there is no relevant information in the statement, give them a value of “No”. Please include information in the comment that the company specified there were no incidents OR that there is no relevant information given.

For each value, please include a comment that copies relevant information from the statement.

Example for “Yes” value

Bulk Import