The Coca Cola Company

The Coca Cola Company

Metrics Value

Ground Water Withdrawals (G4-EN8-a)

2013 = 136M m3

Water Volume Recycled (G4-EN10-a)

2013 = 109M cubic metres

Non-Hazardous Waste (G4-EN23-a)

2013 = Unknown tonnes

Municipal Water Withdrawals (G4-EN8-a)

2013 = 141M m3

Surface Water Withdrawals (G4-EN8-a)

2013 = 136M cubic metres

Total Waste Recycled (G4-EN23-a)

2013 = Unknown tonnes

CEO Water Mandate Endorsing Companies

2015 = Yes /Yes,No

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Country of Headquarters
Georgia (United States)
Country of Incorporation
Delaware (United States)