Telefonica Brasil

Telefonica Brasil

Metrics Value

Employees (G4-10-a)

2015 = 33,847 employees

Environmental Fines (G4-EN29-a)

2015 = $ 0

Fair Trade Mechanism

2015 = Unknown

Indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 2) (G4-EN16-a)

2015 = 211,809.1 tonnes CO2 equivalent

Ground Water Withdrawals (G4-EN8-a)

2015 = Unknown m3

Hazardous Waste Recycled (G4-EN23-a)

2015 = Unknown tonnes

Water Recycled (%) (G4-EN10-b)

2015 = Unknown %

UN Global Compact Participant Since

2015 = 01 June 2010

Female employees (G4-10-a)

2015 = 13,808 employees

Waste Water Used (G4-EN8-a)

2015 = Unknown m3

Non-Hazardous Waste (G4-EN23-a)

2015 = Unknown tonnes

Hazardous Waste Created (G4-EN23-a)

2015 = Unknown tonnes

Water Volume Recycled (G4-EN10-a)

2015 = Unknown cubic metres

Incidents of Discrimination (G4-HR3-a)

2015 = Unknown incidents

Total Waste to Landfill (G4-EN23-a)

2015 = 157.2 Tons

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions (G4-EN21-a)

2015 = Unknown tonnes

UN Global Compact Status

2015 = Active /Active,Delisted,Non-Communicating

Total energy consumption within the organization (G4-EN3-e)

2015 = 6.13M PJ

Fuel Consumption from Non-renewable sources (G4-EN3-a)

2015 = 4.78M Gigajoules

Fuel consumption from renewable sources (G4-EN3-b)

2015 = 1.35M Gigajoules
Telefônica Brasil trading as Vivo at the consumer level, and as Telefônica Vivo at the corporate level, is a Brazilian telecommunications group, subsidiary of Spanish Telefónica. It was originally formed as part of Telebrás, the state-owned telecom monopoly at the time. In 1998, Telebrás was demerged and privatized, with Telefónica taking Telesp, and rebranding it to Telefónica. The group has a participation of 15% in its revenues in the world and currently the company has more than 90 million of customers. In 2010, Telefónica acquired the shares of Vivo that belonged to Portugal Telecom, and transferred control of the company to Telefônica-Vivo, its subsidiary in Brazil.