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Sky plc

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Research Policy
Metric type
Metrics Value
MSA Performance Indicators
2016 = No /Yes,In Development,No
MSA statement homepage link
2016 = No /Yes,No
Incidents of Discrimination (G4-HR3-a)
2015 = Unknown incidents
Human Rights Impacts Grievances filed (G4-HR12-a)
2015 = Unknown grievances
MSA Identification of risks
2016 = Geographic and Industry /Geographic,Industry,Resource,In Development,No,Workforce
Modern Slavery Act statement
2016 = Yes
MSA incidents identified
2016 = No /Yes,No
MSA supply chain disclosure
2016 = Geographical /Geographical,Facility/Supplier,No
MSA Statement Approval
2016 = Approved by Board /Approval not explicit in statement,Approved by Board,Approved - not by Board
Human Rights Impacts Resolved (G4-HR12-b)
2015 = Unknown grievances
MSA Business Performance Indicators
2016 = No /Yes,In Development,No
MSA statement signed
2016 = Signed by CEO /Signed by CEO,Signed by Director,Signed by Managing Director,Signed by Chairman,Signed by other role,Signed - no title,Not signed - but individual with title named,Not signed
MSA policy applies to supply chain
2016 = In Development /Tier 1,Beyond Tier 1,In Development,No
MSA Risk Management
2016 = Yes /No,Yes,In Development
MSA incidents remediation
2016 = No /Yes,No,In Development
Alex H
2015 =
Human Rights Screening of New Suppliers (G4-HR10-a)
2015 = Unknown %
Contracts with human rights clauses or screening (G4-HR1-a)
2015 = Unknown agreements
MSA Whistleblowing mechanism
2016 = Employees /No,Employees,Supply Chain Workers,In Development,Employees and Supply Chain Workers
Human Rights Impacts Grievances addressed (G4-HR12-b)
2015 = Unknown grievances

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