Researching Metric Values

A metric measures an aspect of a company's performance. Metric values show how a company performed on the metric in a particular year and each metric value must have a source.

This video demonstrates how to add data and check a community assessed metric value on WikiRate. Additionally, you can edit values if you added something incorrectly or found a better answer, by clicking the value, which will take you to a separate edit page where you can click the edit icon to change the value.

Further guidance on researching Global Reporting Initiative metrics is available here. We have some tips and tricks to finding metric values, doing conversions and adding comments.

Each step is very important to ensure we have quality data and by checking metric values we can improve the accuracy across WikiRate. If a value has been checked a small blue tick will appear next to it.

WikiRate has two types of metric research policies:

To determine a metric's research policy look on the details tab on the metric page (below contributing).

When adding, editing and checking data remember to leave comments so other users can easily understand where the value was found and any conversions carried out to arrive at the answer. If you have any feedback on the metric itself, please include a comment on the discussion tab on the metric page. Alternatively any user can double-click on any section of the metric page to edit.