Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)+Non-residential waste mass total (tonnes)

Non-residential waste mass total (tonnes)

What is the total waste mass from the non-residential estate?

Companies Values

University of Dundee

2015 = 1,265.2 tonnes

University of Worcester

2015 = 321.8 tonnes

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This field contains data about the total waste mass from the non-residential estate. The value can be recorded to three decimal places. This is applicable to higher education providers (HEP) in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Reason required: sector use and benchmarking.
Total non-residential waste mass. Sum total of Non-residential waste mass recycled, Non-residential waste mass incineration, Non-residential waste mass composting, Non-residential waste mass anaerobic digestion, Non-residential waste mass landfill, Non residential waste mass used to create energy, and Non-residential waste mass other.

Please note that HEPs in England, Northern Ireland or Wales will need to return a value for this field to ensure that the mandatory field Total waste mass is calculated correctly.
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