Global Sourcing Council+Company Pledge Depth - SDG4

Company Pledge Depth - SDG4

How much did the company pledge to advancing SDG 4?

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This metric covers Sustainable Development Goal 4 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 4 aims to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Quality education is the foundation for improving lives and sustainable development. A lack of relevant skills in the supply chain deprives businesses of the talent they need. Education can unleash the skills, talent and ingenuity needed for the private sector to thrive. A more educated workforce also leads to greater disposable income for consumer spending. It is in the vital interest of each business entity to actively participate in increasing literacy, and a broad range of other learning and educational opportunities, in areas they operate in, as the foundation for future growth.


Go to the Half-Billion Dollars Challenge page of the Global Sourcing Council website. Using the dynamic GSC Half-Billion Challenge Progress Barometer you can view a list of companies that have taken the pledge.

  • Click on the tab “All Pledges” to see the total financial capacity that has been pledged to the SDGs in the Half-Billion Dollars Challenge.

  • Click on the tab “By SDG” to view the breakdown of financial capacity that has been pledged to each SDG.

  • Click on the tab ‘By Organization’ to view the list of organizations that have taken the pledge.

  • Select the company you are to research from the list. Then, using the drop-down arrow you can determine how much the company in question has pledged to advancing SDG 4.

For further research the Global Sourcing Council suggests reviewing the following additional resources:

  • Global Sourcing Council

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report

  • Annual Report

  • CSO Statements or Reports

  • Investigative Reports, Surveys, Articles, etc.

  • SDG Indicators

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