Global Reporting Initiative+Expressions of dissent (G4-EO4)

Expressions of dissent (G4-EO4)

Does the organization report on expressions of dissent by type, issue, scale and response?

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Alpina Foods
2015 = Unknown /Yes,Partially,No
Grupo éxito
2015 = Unknown /Yes,Partially,No

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Research Policy
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Corporate Social Responsibility Report
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Yes , Partially and No


This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sector Supplement - Event Organizers. It covers the reporting requirements of Indicator G4-EO4 - 'Expressions of dissent by type, issue, scale and response'. 

All organizations, particularly those organizing events, have stakeholders with a desire to give feedback which may take the form of an expression of dissent. Managing the process of stakeholder engagement throughout the entire event planning and execution process can have a significant impact on the type and scale of stakeholder dissent.

This Indicator allows organizations to demonstrate the ability to self-correct programs and policies based on stakeholder feedback, and to disclose their mechanisms to accept positive and negative feedback. It also allows organizations to report on expressions of dissent throughout the project life cycle, and how proactive measures have reduced the scale of such expressions or planned for freedom, safety and security of expression.

Refer to Standard Disclosure G4-27 for reporting concerns raised through stakeholder engagement related to general activities and operations.

Refer to the sector specific Guidance for DMA for the Customer Health and Safety Aspect for reporting on crowd control.


Indicate whether the organization reports any expressions of dissent by type, issue, scale and response by choosing Yes, Partially or No.

If provided, in the comments section include information on the following aspects:

  • Identify efforts to track dissent expressed over time, by monitoring or sharing stakeholder evaluation of the event before and after.
  • Identify types of expressions of dissent throughout the project cycle, and organizational responses.
  • Report on the scale of action taken to express dissent by type, issue, and stakeholder group, including but not limited to physical protests, rallies, marches, petitions submitted, and public commentary.
  • Report all relevant initiatives for stakeholder engagementincluding public feedback periods during the bid or proposal phase, during planning periods, or before, during and after the event.
  • Report proactive measures to manage risks, address stakeholder concerns, and respond to issues and dissent. For example, include reference to any public comment periods, organizational changes based on feedback, and the creation of any public contact point for expressions of dissent such as an ombudsman.
  • Report responses by external parties (such as civil society groups, government or external security forces) to expressions of dissent to the event, including any efforts to proactively prepare and integrate these external parties.

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