Global Reporting Initiative+Environmental Screening of New Suppliers (G4-EN32)

Environmental Screening of New Suppliers (G4-EN32)

What percentage of new suppliers were screened using environmental criteria?

Companies Values


2015 = 100 %


2015 = 100 %

BRF Brasil Foods

2016 = 100 %

Hilton Worldwide Holdings

2015 = 100 %

Air France

2016 = 100 %


2015 = 97 %


2016 = 90 %


2015 = 51 %

Bel Group

2015 = 46 %


2015 = 0 %

Korea Agro - Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation

2015 = Unknown %

Takeda Pharmaceutical

2015 = Unknown %

Resona Holdings

2012 = Unknown %


2016 = Unknown %

Advanced Chemical Industries Ltd - ACI

2014 = Unknown %

Alpina Foods

2015 = Unknown %

Gap inc.

2014 = Unknown %

Lotte Shopping

2014 = Unknown %

DNB Financial Corporation

2016 = Unknown %


2016 = Unknown %

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This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Guidelines. It covers part of the information required by G4-EN32 - 'Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria'.

This Indicator informs stakeholders about the percentage of suppliers selected or contracted subject to environmental due diligence processes. Due diligence should be initiated as early as possible in the development of a new relationship with a supplier.

Significant potential negative environmental impacts may be prevented or mitigated at the stage of structuring contracts or other agreements.


This metric is looking for percentage of new suppliers were screened using environmental criteria:

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Global Reporting Initiative compliance guidance for companies:

To calculate the percentage of new suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria - G4-EN32-a:

  • Identify the total number of new suppliers that the organization considered selecting or contracting with.

  • Identify the total number of new suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria.

  • Environmental criteria may include the Aspects under the Environmental Category.

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