Digital Rights Data Sprint+P2.4 Changes to privacy policies - Prepaid Mobile

P2.4 Changes to privacy policies - Prepaid Mobile

Does the company maintain a public archive or change log for prepaid mobile?

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Telenor India

2017 = No /Yes,Partial,No,N/A

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Research Policy
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Privacy Policy Document
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Yes , Partial , No and N/A


The company should clearly disclose that it provides notice and documentation to users when it changes its privacy policies.

It is common for companies to change their privacy policies as their business evolves. However these changes can significantly impact a user’s privacy rights and what user information companies can collect, share and store. We therefore expect companies to commit to notify users when they change these policies and to provide users with information to help them understand what these changes mean.


This metric seeks evidence that a company provides publicly available records of previous policies so that people can understand how the company’s policies have evolved over time.


Potential sources:

  • Company privacy policy

  • Company data use policy

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