Calgon Carbon

Calgon Carbon

Metrics Value

Environmental Fines (G4-EN29-a)

2016 = $ 7,000

Indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 2) (G4-EN16-a)

2015 = 63,322 tonnes CO2 equivalent

Hazardous Waste Recycled (G4-EN23-a)

2015 = 202 tonnes

Waste Water Used (G4-EN8-a)

2015 = 274,314.1 m3

Ground Water Withdrawals (G4-EN8-a)

2015 = 2.19M m3

Non-Hazardous Waste (G4-EN23-a)

2015 = 38,237 tonnes

Total Waste to Landfill (G4-EN23-a)

2015 = 33,171 Tons

Total energy consumption within the organization (G4-EN3-e)

2015 = 3.02M PJ

Fuel Consumption from Non-renewable sources (G4-EN3-a)

2016 = Unknown Gigajoules

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions (G4-EN21-a)

2015 = 16 tonnes

Fuel consumption from renewable sources (G4-EN3-b)

2015 = Unknown Gigajoules

Hazardous Waste Created (G4-EN23-a)

2015 = 3,209 tonnes

Surface Water Withdrawals (G4-EN8-a)

2015 = 3.77M cubic metres

Total Waste Generated (G4-EN23-a)

2015 = 41,446 Metric Tonnes

Total Waste Recycled (G4-EN23-a)

2015 = 8,275 tonnes

Persistent organic pollutants (POP) (G4-EN21-a)

2015 = 0 tonnes

Hazardous air pollutant (HAP) emissions (G4-EN21-a)

2015 = 0 tonnes

Environmental non-monetary sanctions (G4-EN29-a)

2014 = 1

Direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (Scope 1) (G4-EN15-a)

2015 = 656,027.3 tonnes CO2 equivalent

NOx emissions (G4-EN21-a)

2015 = 151 tonnes
Not to be confused with Calgon, a soap company. Calgon Carbon Corporation is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based company that manufactures and markets products that remove contaminants and odors from liquids and gases, both for industrial, municipal, and consumer markets. Calgon Carbon's product lines typically use activated carbon in various forms, UV light technology, or ion exchange technology, and the company is the largest producer of granular activated carbon (GAC) in the world. The company also offers reactivation services, wherein activated carbon can be recycled. Originally formed as the Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical Company in the 1940s, the company's main operations are currently centered in North America with branches overseas such as Chemviron Carbon in Europe, Calgon Carbon Japan KK in Japan, Calgon Carbon Thailand Ltd.