Business & Human Rights Resource Centre+Modern Slavery Act statement

Modern Slavery Act statement

Did the company produce a statement in relation to the UK's Modern Slavery Act?

Metric value
Companies Values
McKinsey & Company Inc
2017 = Yes [[Category]]
Hills Prospect plc
2016 = Yes [[Category]]
MSC Industrial Supply Company
2015 = Yes [[Category]]
Thorntons Limited
2017 = yes [[Category]]
AO World
2017 = Yes [[Category]]
Alfred Dunhill Limited
2017 = Yes [[Category]]
Nomad Foods Europe Limited
2017 = Yes [[Category]]
BVG Group Limited
2016 = yes [[Category]]
H I Weldrick Ltd
2016 = yes [[Category]]
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
2017 = Yes [[Category]]
Missguided Limited
2017 = Yes [[Category]]
Mizuno Corporation
2016 = Yes [[Category]]
Urban Outfitters
2017 = Yes [[Category]]
Kavli Ltd
2016 = Yes [[Category]]
BNP Paribas
2016 = Yes [[Category]]
Pentland Brands Ltd
2017 = Yes [[Category]]
Lovering Foods Ltd
2017 = Yes [[Category]]
Enotria Winecellars Limited
2016 = Yes [[Category]]
Edrington Group Limited
2016 = Yes [[Category]]
Ferrero UK Limited
2017 = Yes [[Category]]

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Modern Slavery Statement
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Yes and No


This metric records whether the company produced a statement in accordance with the UK's Modern Slavery Act 2015, it is based on the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre's registry of Modern Slavery Act statements. This metric includes only some of the statements available on the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre's registry - you are encouraged to consult the registry directly for a full list of statements.

Section 54 requires a commercial organisation that has a turnover of over £36 million with operations in the UK to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement each year which sets out the steps it has taken to ensure there is no slavery or trafficking in its supply chains or its own business, or states that it has taken no such steps.


This metric is asking whether the company has published a statement in relation to the Modern Slavery Act 2015. If you can find a relevant statement give the company a "Yes" value and add/cite that statement as a source. There are other metrics which ask questions about whether the company's statement complies with the law and whether it contains certain kinds of information. For this metric, any statement that is intended as a "Modern Slavery Act statement" counts for a "Yes" value.

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre maintains a registry of Modern Slavery Act statements.

If the company you are researching does not appear on the registry, try searching the web for terms like "[Company name] modern slavery act statement". These statements should be linked to from a company's homepage but this is not always the case.

These statements can be called things like:

  • Modern Slavery Act statement

  • Slavery and Trafficking statement

If you cannot find a relevant statement by the company, and you believe they are required to produce one, add a new "report" source that explains how you searched, and give the company a value of "No".

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